Today in the city Cornwall 19.07.2019

St.Lawrence Parkway

Outside of Cornwall is the parkway. A beautiful place to go for a walk, run, cycle and drive.

Trying our first Snack crate!

So I decided to start buying those snack crates from all around the world, their will be more better videos this only our first, japan is coming next ! So come back ...

Cornwall Canada Day 2019

Cornwall Parc

Canada Day in Cornwall.

Cornwall Canada Day

Happy Grandaughter

You will get a kick out of my granddaughter with this special little laugh.

Vehicle settings on your new Honda screens!

A look into the vehicle settings of the new Honda screens. Lights and locks and maintenance.

The CrV tailgate features! Safety and convenience!!

Having a look at the new 2019 CRV power tailgate! #notyouraveragejoel #joeldinelle #cornwallhonda #yourmrlee #CRV #honda.

Big Sale

Big sale!!! #yourmrlee #leetheodore #notyouraveragejoel #civic #civicnation #honda #cornwallhonda #hondacanada.

2016-2019 Civic. Customizing your Screen

2016-2019 Customizing your Civic screen #conwallhonda #honda #hondacanada #notyouraveragejoel.

Millionärsinseln im St. Lawrence River🇨🇦|Tag14|Luke 28_ #Kanadavlogserie2019 #StLawrenceriver

Herzlich Willkommen zurück auf meinen Kanal. Meine Familie und ich machen einen weiteren Urlaub in Kanada . Wir verbringen unseren Urlaub 2 Wochen ...

Salaam Remi & Joell Ortiz- Box Talk

2019 LP.

So guys we did it 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🎶🎵🔊🔇🥊🥋

I'm at mac dealer.

Midget fouls the man in black! MUST WATCH!!!

Is this foul, or clean? Let me know in the comment section down below!

Goodbye Neighbor

Idk just idk :-:

Loudcloud420 first rap

I represent Cornwall this is where I live it's my town. Most rappers are from Ottawa,Toronto,Montreal. I'm here to put this town on the map.

Fish'n Canada Carp Cup 2019 from Peg 1

We join Dave and Clint at Peg 1 of the 2019 Fish'n Canada Carp Cup. See their game plan as they climb through the standings each day.

Awesome CAT-ch

Ted and his human paw.



Hero kid saves cat in tree (10 year old expert tree climber)

Dominik climbed a tree to save a friend's cat Simba. Great job buddy!

Hero kid saves cat in tree (10 year old expert tree climber)

Dominik saves the day!

Как Блогер 67 обманывает Тумсо Абдурахманова и Асхаба Алибекова

Равшан клятвенно уверяет, что он всегда был Романом Князевым и никаких Кудусовых не знает.... Давайте смотре...

Feature at the races, lead a few laps but track slipped up. All in all it was a good night🏁

Меня почти ублажили. Вадим Личное мнение

Инициатива моего помощника. Приятного просмотра.

Walking path and bridge

Just past the St. Lawrence College there is bridge with locks on it. Does anyone know the story behind it?

Тумсо Абдурахманов, Асхаб Алибеков и предатель Ислама Блогер 67

Перезалив. Доброго времени суток. Равшан вновь предал свои корни. Был Равшаном, но что бы ассимилироваться...

Say you won’t let go by James Arthur covered by Saige and guitar by Emma Houle

Hey guys, i hope you enjoyed this video of me and my best friend at my school talent show preforming Say you won't let go by James Aurthur. I'm playing the ...

Atc 200 wheelies and donuts

Sunday afternoon ride alone.

Смотри Асхаб Алибеков и Тумсо Абдурахманов как лжет Блогер 67

Равшан 67 утверждает, что мальтийский крест у него повесил подписчик Дмитрий, так как Равшан не мог повесить...

Vintage Modified Feature Race Cornwall Motor Speedway June 9, 2019

Feature race for the Eastern Ontario Vintage Stock Car Club @ Cornwall Motor Speedway June 9, 2019. Subscribe to the Mayhem and like Martys Motorized ...

Как блогер 67 обманул ислам Смотри Тумсо Абдурахманов и Асхаб Алибеков

Блогер 67 Равшан решил поиграть в поросенка Петра. Решил искать политического убежища, правда почему то...

Vintage Modified Heat 2 June 9 @ Cornwall Motor Speedway

Heat 2 of 3 for the Eastern Ontario Vintage Stock Car Club June 9, 2019 at Cornwall Motor Speedway. Like Martys Motorized Mayhem on Facebook. Check out ...

Vintage Modified Heat 1 June 9 @ Cornwall Motor Speedway

Heat 1 of 3 for the Eastern Ontario Vintage Stock Car Club June 9, 2019 at Cornwall Motor Speedway. Like Martys Motorized Mayhem on Facebook. Check out ...

Сказ о Блогере 67, Тумсо Абдурахманове и Белой Рыси

Друзья, я этого боялся, но это случилось... Блогер 67 Равшан общается сам с собой, создавая десятки фейков......

Trails along the St. Lawrence River.

Walking, running and cycling trails in Cornwall, Ontario.

Canada G1 License malayalam troll || 2019|| Love Canada

Тумсо Абдурахманов помоги понять Блогеру 67 Равшану кто он есть

Равшан совсем потерялся, и забыл кто он. Князев, Кудусов? Русский? Или у него двойная фамилия Кудусов-Дурюсов...

Helicopters over Akwesasne

In honor of Levi oakes ( code talkers )

(Add me on tiktok user is @riley_helmer11) and sub go my channel

Тумсо Абдурахманов бойся Блогера 67 или какой веры Равшан

Равшан, который не платит налоги, дармаед на теле России, весь такой верующий и праведный, как и его коханная...

Тумсо Абдурахманов, Асхаб Алибеков помогите Блогеру 67 Равшану

Роман Князев aka Равв Кудусов aka Равшан считает своим долгом ,своим поганым языком поливать страну которая...

Atom Ghost covers Get Lucky

Recorded live at The Brass Horse. We own no rights and share for your entertainment only.

Angry birds

I was feeding seagulls and caught this at the perfect time for a slow motion video 🤣

May 28, 2019(1)

My duties as Realtor.

May 28, 2019(2)

My duties as Realtor.

At the hockey game

At the hockey game titan vs cornwal. (Go titans go )

2019 Maverick 1000r Review (Part 3)

I sid her nails with nail polish!!

nailpolishsquad my name is riley_helmer11.

The most memorable show of my life

Thank you so much to everyone.

Atom Ghost covers Scarlet/Fire

Recorded live at The Brass Horse. We own no rights and share for your entertainment.
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